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Gadgets Hip Hop Hippies

Gadgets Hip Hop Hippies
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If you were one of the millions of guys mesmerized by that annoying Crazy Frog…then these funky little drumming hippies are set to take your world by storm.

These guys are much like the crazy frog in their ability to stick in your head – but they're a LOT less annoying!

These groovy little dudes not only play three great tunes but they also beat their drums along in time to the music.

Hip Hop Hippies are a fantastic gift idea for all ages. Once you start them beating away, you'll never want to turn them off!

There are four different types of Hip Hop Hippies and while they're happy to drum away to the beat of the music on their own, they're even better when you get them together!

Collect all four Hip Hop Hippies and watch in amazement as they drum away in synchronization! It's truly mesmerizing! Sets of these amazing little dudes can be stacked for an even more entertaining performance.

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